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Why Your Law Firm Needs a Cybersecurity Plan

Imminent cyber threats facing businesses have become much more prevalent within recent years, and the risk won’t be diminishing any time soon. Whilst data protection is an issue that runs across the board for all businesses, it is particularly important that law firms keep a more vigilant eye on their cybersecurity.  Law firms house information within their systems that

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How to Protect Your Accounting Firm from Ransomware

Technology is an integral part of most modern workplaces, and almost every business, firm, and organization now relies on technology to make financial transactions, communicate with co-workers and clients, plan and schedule interactions, and even network.  This is especially true for accounting firms, who today operate within an “always-on” digital world. They need to be connected at all times

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3 Common Traits Among Chicago’s Top Managed Service Providers

When it comes to managed IT service providers, Chicago has several options. It’s important to know what specific IT solutions and services your company needs before you determine which Chicago Managed Service Provider is the right partner for you. But no matter what your industry or business size, there are a few traits that you’ll want to make sure

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How To Protect Your Chicago Business From Ransomware

In this day and age, technology has reached new heights and continues to expand every day. Most modern businesses are reliant on technology for everyday practices such as communicating with customers, storing data, and tracking goods and services.  That said, however, attacks against this expanding technology are also increasing and becoming more advanced. Rising cyber attacks threaten to disrupt

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IT Services for Law Firms: Understanding Unique Challenges

Staying competitive as a law firm in the current industry climate is challenging. It takes every small advantage that you can get in order to stay on top as a law firm, and technology has become one of the defining factors that separate a small unknown law firm from one that is locally or even nationally recognized. It goes

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How to Know You’ve Outgrown Your Current IT Provider

Most modern businesses—especially in booming commercial hubs like Chicago—understand the importance of having an IT specialist on hand to ensure that their tech strategy goes off without a hitch. For smaller businesses who are just starting out, a smaller IT provider can work great. But as your business expands, it’s important that your IT does, too. In order for

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