How to Know You’ve Outgrown Your Current IT Provider

Most modern businesses—especially in booming commercial hubs like Chicago—understand the importance of having an IT specialist on hand to ensure that their tech strategy goes off without a hitch. For smaller businesses who are just starting out, a smaller IT provider can work great.

But as your business expands, it’s important that your IT does, too. In order for your technology to remain safe and updated to the latest advancements, you’ll need an IT provider in Chicago who can create a scalable IT strategy that matches your business goals.

If you find your IT strategy isn’t quite keeping up with your business growth, then you may be in need of a change. Your business is thriving, and you need to know that you have the best possible support out there, including an IT team that has experience working with expanding businesses. 

Here’s a list of ways you can tell if you’ve outgrown your current IT provider in Chicago and it’s time to look for a new one:

They Have Slow Response Times

One of the first ways to know whether you have outgrown your IT provider is that they take too long to service IT issues or communicate with you. A growing business requires a high level of IT support, and you need to know that your IT provider is going to make you their highest priority. 

Slow response times by IT personnel can take a significant toll on business practices, affecting correspondence with clients and customers, billing methods, and other important functions. A growing business can’t afford to take two steps back with every one step forward, so having an IT provider who operates slowly and inefficiently can be detrimental to continued growth.

If your IT team is overwhelmed, dealing with too many clients, or failing to manage IT issues according to your business’s timetable, then you’ll want to consider other options. Slow response times and a lack of the right resources can lead to more downtime for your business, which costs you money and valuable customers.

They Haven’t Implemented a Cybersecurity Plan

One of the most essential parts of IT management is creating and implementing a reliable cybersecurity plan. If your Chicago IT service provider has not established a cybersecurity plan, this is a big indicator that they lack the knowledge and capability to protect your infrastructure. The current and growing threat of cyber attack could kill a business, and you need an IT service provider that understands that. 

Your IT provider should realize that your business needs a plan in place to secure your data and monitor any cybersecurity threats. They should be able to adapt that security plan to your growing business needs and ensure that confidential information can’t slip through the cracks as your business takes on more employees and customers. If your current IT provider hasn’t implemented an adequate cybersecurity plan, it’s time to look elsewhere for IT services.

They Have No Strategy

You need an IT provider who is going to let you know exactly what their plan is to align with your business goals. If your IT provider hasn’t taken the time to communicate to you how their service is going to meet your business needs, they aren’t the right IT provider for you. You need a company that is going to take the time to understand exactly what your business needs right now, in a year from now, and five years from now. 

If your IT team is not transparent about the strategy they plan to effectuate over time for your business, you’ll likely have to jump significant technological hurdles in the future to revamp your systems to match your expanding business model. It’s time to look for a new IT provider if your current one isn’t doing thorough research and communicating frequently with you about your business goals.

You Are Dealing With Frequent IT Issues

As a business who relies on an IT provider, you should feel confident that you can keep things moving day-to-day with little interruption. After all, you’re paying your IT team to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently without many technological hiccups. 

A successful business needs to be able to concentrate on business activity, not worry that their IT is going to lag, fail, or break down at any time. So if you’re experiencing a higher-than-normal volume of IT issues, that’s a sign that your current IT service company just isn’t cutting it. As the one signing your IT team’s paycheck, you deserve to see direct results through decreased downtime from your IT provider.

In the case that your business is dealing with frequent IT issues, making the transition to a more reliable IT service provider is crucial for you to continue expanding your company.

What Now?

Now that you’ve read the list and determined if you’ve outgrown your current IT company, it’s time to consider transitioning to an IT service provider in Chicago that can meet your evolving business needs.

One of the best solutions is to seek a managed IT service provider that has a track record for servicing expanding businesses. Managed IT service companies for larger businesses can respond quickly and efficiently to IT issues, maintain IT systems according to the latest technology updates, and ensure your IT matches your business goals both now and in the future. They can help you implement a cybersecurity plan that grows along with your business and reduce overall downtime. 

By looking for an IT company who has experience scaling technology to a growing business’s needs, you can be confident that your business will be a top priority for their teams. With the right managed IT service provider, you’ll have the transparency and attention you need to keep your business growing. 

Need a new IT provider? At ReachOut IT in Chicago, our technicians are trained to handle a growing business’s every IT need. Contact us today so we can get you the support you need.


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