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IT Services for Law Firms: Understanding Unique Challenges

Staying competitive as a law firm in the current industry climate is challenging. It takes every small advantage that you can get in order to stay on top as a law firm, and technology has become one of the defining factors that separate a small unknown law firm from one that is locally or even nationally recognized. It goes

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How to Know You’ve Outgrown Your Current IT Provider

Most modern businesses—especially in booming commercial hubs like Chicago—understand the importance of having an IT specialist on hand to ensure that their tech strategy goes off without a hitch. For smaller businesses who are just starting out, a smaller IT provider can work great. But as your business expands, it’s important that your IT does, too. In order for

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5 Signs Your Chicago Business Needs Help from an IT Service Company

In a city that headquarters over 400 corporations, it’s no secret that Chicago business is booming. And in a world that has become mostly digitized, it’s more important than ever to manage your business’s IT in smart, efficient ways so you can keep up with the latest market trends.  Unfortunately, many business owners who try to manage their IT

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Why Your Chicago Business Needs to Upgrade to Windows 10 Now

As one of the largest cities in the US, Chicago has become a place for many businesses, big and small, to thrive. This iconic hub is home to many impressive businesses, including America’s fastest-growing corporations. This makes for a competitive market, so businesses who want to survive need to have an edge that can help them continue growing.  One

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Security Alert! Hackers And Cybercriminals Are Targeting YOUR Business Right Now … Is Your Cyber Security Protection Up-To-Date?

Many small-business owners are blind to the risks of the modern age. They don’t read reports like Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, which states that more than half of all malware infections hit small businesses last year. They don’t realize that this staggeringly high number is only going to continue to climb over the coming decade. They aren’t

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